• Direct access to our expert to translage your wishes into reality
  • A unique bottle shape to express the identity of your brand
  • Distinctive shelf impact that expresses your own ideas and aspirations
  • Exclusivity for your new design
  • Cost optimization through use of existing closures
  • Amazing speed to market
  • One-stop shop: all your requirements met under one roof
Prooduct design

We’ll gladly translate your own ideas into a 2-D presentation, or even create an
illustration in photographic quality. We’ll even include your own label if you wish.


We’ll create a hand-made 3-D wooden model of your future product, which will
be barely distinguishable from the real bottle. You’ll be able to try out the feel and
functionality of your products before completion. You’ll be surprised!


We’ll choose the best toolmaker for your project according to your specific
requirements and the urgency of the project.
We’ll determine the number of cavities according to your anticipated quantities,
so that you don’t have to pay unnecessarily high tooling costs, and production
can be more flexible.


SHB’s production takes place in various locations in Germany, so an ideal location can always be found – based on the quantities required and anticipated transport costs.


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